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Forex Strategy “Daily Volatility Breakout”

Forex Strategy "Daily Volatility Breakout" - Forex-Strategy-Daily-Volatility-Breakout_1-300x192Strategy “Daily Volatility Breakout” – is a very simple strategy  based  on pending orders BuyStop and SellStop which levels of installation are determined with  very simple formula and depend from market volatility index of previous day.

Recommended trading steams are EURJPY and GBPUSD.

Let’s consider tactics of trade:

1. The pending orders on purchasing are established under the following scheme (more…)

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Forex Strategy “Jankone 5 minutes”

Forex Strategy "Jankone 5 minutes" - Forex-Strategy-Jankone-5-minutes_2-300x223Before the beginning  of this trading system it is recommended to read previously the clause “the Education guidance of pin bars”.

Good Pin should have a bar:

- A long nose ( in comparison with a body ).

- it should stand out very much forward.

- Opening and closings of pin should be nearby. Pin bar looks approximately here so (more…)

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Forex Strategy “9 and 100 SMA + RVI”

Forex Strategy "9 and 100 SMA + RVI" - Forex-Strategy-9-and-100-SMA-+-RVI-300x183Timeframe: M30-H1.

Trading pairs: GBPUSD, GBPJPY and other at will.

Used indicators:

- SMA with parameter 9.
- SMA with parameter 100.
- RVI with parameter 100.

Trade technique (more…)

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