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Forex Strategy “10 pips”

Forex Strategy “10 pips” - Forex-Strategy-10-pips_1-300x170Maximum and a minimum of the previous trading day are regarded as a base of strategy. Most of the traders consider, that if maximum level of previous day extends is record high, then a price will go up,  and on the contrary for a minimum level.

Knowing these facts, we also will earn the profit if we will open the transaction with  purchasing, at breakdown of a maximum of previous day and with  sale, at breakdown of a minimum of previous day.

But because other category of traders uses the same 2 points as support and resistance level,  the price (more…)

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Forex Strategy “Diver”

Forex Strategy “Diver” - Forex-Strategy-Diver_1-300x226At the base of this trading system lies the divergence of indicator MACD + filters in which quality acts Stochastic oscillator and indicator CCI.

Use of  divergence in the market   reasonable on time frames not below  – H1 ( it is recommended to use 4-hour  and day trading schedules ). There are no any special recommendations for choice  present trading currency pair – the system was tested only with pair EURUSD.

To make this trading system we need 3 Forex indicators:

1. Indicator FX5_Divergence – displays histogram MACD (more…)

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Forex Strategy “Daily Volatility Breakout”

Forex Strategy “Daily Volatility Breakout” - Forex-Strategy-Daily-Volatility-Breakout_1-300x192Strategy “Daily Volatility Breakout” – is a very simple strategy  based  on pending orders BuyStop and SellStop which levels of installation are determined with  very simple formula and depend from market volatility index of previous day.

Recommended trading steams are EURJPY and GBPUSD.

Let’s consider tactics of trade:

1. The pending orders on purchasing are established under the following scheme (more…)

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