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Forex Strategy “Diver”

Forex Strategy “Diver” - Forex-Strategy-Diver_1-300x226At the base of this trading system lies the divergence of indicator MACD + filters in which quality acts Stochastic oscillator and indicator CCI.

Use of  divergence in the market   reasonable on time frames not below  – H1 ( it is recommended to use 4-hour  and day trading schedules ). There are no any special recommendations for choice  present trading currency pair – the system was tested only with pair EURUSD.

To make this trading system we need 3 Forex indicators:

1. Indicator FX5_Divergence – displays histogram MACD and also visually displays appearance of divergence; parameters of the indicator the standard: fastEMA – 12, slowEMA – 26, signal – 9.
2. Indicator Stochastic Oscillator – is in a standard packet of indicators of point-of-sale terminal MetaTrader; parameters: the Period %K – 8, the Period %D – 3, Delay – 3, the Prices – Low/High, Method MA – Simple.

3. Indicator Commodity Channel Index ( CCI ) – is  a  standard tool of point-of-sale terminal MetaTrader; parameters: the Period – 14 to Apply to – Typical Price ( HLC/3 ).

Opening of a long trading position — purchasing:

1. Appearance divergence on purchasing – Forex indicator FX5_Divergence draws a green arrow.

2. Indicator CCI crosses level-100 from below upwards.

3. The indicator of Stochastic crosses the alarm line from below upwards ( better  in a zone of oversold, below level 20 ).

Opening of a short trading position – sale:

1. Appearance of  divergence  on sale – Forex indicator FX5_Divergence draws a red arrow.

2. Indicator CCI crosses level 100 from top to down.

3. The indicator of Stochastics crosses the alarm line from top to down ( better  in a zone of overbought, above level 80 ).

Forex Strategy “Diver” - Forex-Strategy-Diver_11

Forex Strategy “Diver” - Forex-Strategy-Diver_2

Forex Strategy “Diver” - Forex-Strategy-Diver_3

Level of Stoplossa is exposed on a candle extremum on which have opened a trading position. The profit can be made  with one of two methods:

- Closing of a trading position is made  after crossing by indicator CCI of opposite level;

- After crossing CCI of opposite level we draw in stop and  definitively close a trading position after signal receipt in counter party from indicator FX5_Divergence Forex.

Download Forex Strategy “Diver”

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