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Forex Strategy “Jankone 5 minutes”

Forex Strategy “Jankone 5 minutes” - Forex-Strategy-Jankone-5-minutes_2-300x223Before the beginning  of this trading system it is recommended to read previously the clause “the Education guidance of pin bars”.

Good Pin should have a bar:

- A long nose ( in comparison with a body ).

- it should stand out very much forward.

- Opening and closings of pin should be nearby. Pin bar looks approximately here so (more…)

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Forex Strategy “9 and 100 SMA + RVI”

Forex Strategy “9 and 100 SMA + RVI” - Forex-Strategy-9-and-100-SMA-+-RVI-300x183Timeframe: M30-H1.

Trading pairs: GBPUSD, GBPJPY and other at will.

Used indicators:

- SMA with parameter 9.
- SMA with parameter 100.
- RVI with parameter 100.

Trade technique (more…)

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Forex Strategy “1D Simple Strategy”

Forex Strategy “1D Simple Strategy” - 1D-simple-strategy-300x161Forex trading strategy “1D simple strategy

Time frame: D1- daily.

Currency pairs: any.

Indicators: RSI – 8, EMA – 8 on RSI window, ATR – 20 on RSI window, EMA – 28 on main window, Monthly Pivot. Use the EMA-28 to determine the trend direction on the daily chart.

Long entry rule (more…)

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